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We offer 85 undergraduate majors across nine schools and highly respected professional programs with numerous accolades and rankings, including the No. 1 ranked Sustainable Business Practices MBA — which is why we're ready with an education that's everything you need, and more than you imagined.

Meet Alec

He says. "I couldn't be more impressed with my professors and cohort at Duquesne. This program is truly one of the best things to happen to me." Alec is a student in the No. 1 ranked MBA Sustainable Business Practices Program in the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business.

Alec always knew he wanted to pursue a master's degree, but it took having a job in the oil and gas industry, and a road trip out west to connect his passion for and the importance of sustainability with his future aspirations.

"I'm a rock climber and was out climbing one day with [a friend who] asked about my wind turbine tattoo I have on my ankle and I told her I was passionate about sustainability. She was, at that time, a student in Duquesne's MBA Sustainability program and suggested I check it out."

At Duquesne, we've added depth, discipline, professionalism, and a greater sense of purpose to Alec's aspirations, so he could have the focus to move forward without narrowing his ambitions.

"I want to be part of a change and have meaning in my work." he says. "We can't dismiss climate change issues to a future generation anymore. Every decision we make today is a decision that impacts the future."

Like Alec, we'll help you discover what you're good at and why that's good for the world. We want you to become the kind of problem solver who always thinks bigger.


At Duquesne, we have the breadth and depth to make the most of your goals, as evidenced by just some of our achievements below. As mentioned, Alec is enrolled in the program Corporate Knights magazine has ranked as the No. 1 MBA Sustainable Business Practices program in the United States and No. 7 in the world in its 2021 annual Better World MBA rankings, which represents the top 40 programs from 10 countries. Other notable rankings include:

U.S. News and World Report

  • The University is No. 6 in Pennsylvania and No. 65 overall in the Best Value Schools category for 2022.
  • Duquesne ranked No. 148 on the 2022 Best National Universities list.
  • The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program at Duquesne ranked No. 58 for 2022.
  • Duquesne University's Best Graduate School rankings:
    • School of Pharmacy, No. 43
    • Occupational Therapy program, No. 29
    • Speech-Language Pathology program, No. 55
  • A number of Duquesne University online programs have been named among the Best Online Programs, including the following which are ranked the top in Pennsylvania:
    • Best Online Master's in Nursing Education program, No. 3
    • Best Online Master's in Nursing Administration program, No. 4
    • Best Online Family Nurse Practitioner Master's program, No. 5
  • Duquesne ranked No. 86 nationally in the Best Colleges for Veterans category.

Princeton Review

Other Rankings of Note